AN3109 is a high performance current modePWM controller for offline flyback converter applications. The IC has built-in General Primary Side CC control, which simplifies isolated power supply design that requires CC regulation of the output. In AN3109, PWM switching frequency withshuffling is fixed to 65KHz and is trimmed to tight range. The IC has built-in green and burst mode control for light and zero loadings, which can achieve less than 75mW standby power
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General Primary Side Constant-Current (CC)Control Supports DCM and CCM Operation

±5% CC Regulation , ±1% CV Regulation withFast Dynamic Response

CC Algorithm Compensates for Line Variationand Transformer Inductance Tolerance

Less than 75mW Standby Power .

Current Mode Control

Built -in Frequency Shuffling

Fixed 65KHz Switching Frequency

Green Mode and Burst Mode Control

On-chip Thermal Shutdown

Cycle -by-Cycle Current Limiting

Built -in Leading Edge Blanking

Built -in Slope Compensation

Very Low Startup and Operation Current


Application: <200W

Chargers and Adapter

Motor Driver Power Supply