AN82410. Internally, there is a high-precision 65kHz switching frequency oscillator with frequency jitter function to optimize EMI performance. The chip operates in green energy-saving mode and burp mode, which can achieve standby power consumption of less than 75mW. Supporting DCM and CCM's original constant current technology, with a ± 5% constant current accuracy; ± 1% constant voltage accuracy
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Hybrid operation mode pulse width modulation (CCM/QR)

Operating CCM under heavy load and low input voltage

Medium load operation 

Light load operation in energy-saving mode

Entering PFM Mode with no load

Built-in negative load regulation compensation regulation

Constant voltage/constant current operation

Output short circuit protection

FB Pin open circuit and short circuit protection

Soft drive

Equipped with 8ms soft start

Vcc Pin overvoltage protection

Internal overtemperature protection of IC

SOT-25 packaging



Mobile phone adapter

AC/DC adapter

LED light strip